13th Dimension is a five piece band formed in 2015 in Gothenburg (Sweden) which plays both contemporary and traditional music from the Middle East and other Arabic traditions in their own authentic arrangements influenced by scandinavian jazz and swedish folk music. In tight interplay they fly on the waves of odd meters and improvisation.

The members of this young band have background in different music genres and traditions. Czech flute and bass clarinet player Žofie Kašparovástudied both classical and jazz music at Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague. Later in Gothenburg she got to dig into Swedish traditional music, Bulgarian and Arabic music and last but not least a lot of improvised music. Now she’s bringing home this inspiring project. The Swedish mandola player Albin Broberghas his background in swedish folk music as well as the percussion player Anton Johanssoncoming from the island of Åland (Finland). Nowadays he’s however focusing mostly on Arabic percussion and travelling a lot to Turkey and Iran. Finish accordion player Juska Ojajärvi invites listeners into his fantasy world with his very specific style of playing. He’s living and working in Helsinki, where he’s a part of many alternative projects, composing music, doing contemporary performance and free improvisation. Natasja Hildéncoming from the north of Sweden is the bands versatile and groovy electric bass player.

13th Dimension loves oriental music and odd rythms. Their curiosity, versatility and experiments brings to live their unconvetional arrangements.

Musicians from Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland first met as students of the World Music program at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg (Sweden). The ensemble was started by a fantastic oud player and composer Ahmad Al Khatib from Palestine. Later on Ahmad left the band but his compositions are still an important part of 13th Dimensions repertoir together with traditional music and compositions by contemporary composers as Anouar Brahem, Ross Daly or Dhafer Youssef as well as their own compositions.

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>> https://soundcloud.com/13thdimensionmusic

e-mail: 13thdimensionensemble@gmail.com