Czech Music Crossroads 2014

16. 7. 2014

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A range of foreign personalities and professionals representing prestigious festivals will be invited to attend both Czech Music Crossroads and panel discussions along with key media and booking agencies. Local organisers, journalists and media representatives will also be asked to take part, while the panel discussions and showcase will also be open to the general public.

Artists, appearing as part of the showcase with the chance to present their work in front of foreign as well as local guests, have been chosen by the Magnificent Seven professional jury (involving contributions by a great many leading music journalists). This year’s artists are: Beata Bocek, Bezobratři, Clarinet Factory, Čankišou, DVA, Jitka Šuranská, Kittchen, Milokraj, Nylon Jail, Vertigo, Vložte Kočku.

  • British publicist and musician Andrew Cronshaw

    “It was a good start. A number of countries and regions are now organising sales fairs of their music. It’s good to see that the Czech Republic is joining them. Such events are a platform for presenting local music, while also create an environment in the country which allows musicians to see a way to export their music and continue to develop what they are doing. The selection of representatives invited was suitably wide-ranging and of decent calibre, featuring a number of key figures on the contemporary music scene internationally both in terms of agents as well as journalists.”

  • Czech world music expert Petr Dorůžka

    “The first Crossroads was a milestone for our music scene. The second year presents us with the challenge of doing everything even better, of picking up where we left off using last year’s format without succumbing to repetition.”