14.–15. 7. 2015

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Silesian Roots: Music from the Czech, Polish and Slovak border regions

There’s no such thing as a small country when it comes to musical offering, however even so it sometimes makes sense to join forces with others when presenting your strengths abroad. The international character of this year’s Czech Music Crossroads can be attributed to the planned Eastern-European platform which was expected to culminate through a joint presentation of the music of these countries at Womex 2015 being held in Budapest in the autumn.

This year’s artists were: Czech Republic – Ida Kellarová, Tara Fuki, Kalle, Ladě, Musica Folklorica & Veronika Malatincová, Beata Hlavenková a Muff, Slovakia – Banda, Talent Transport a Walter Schnitzelsson, Poland – Qferau+Zora, hipiersoniK a Gooral.

  • Director of the Skopje Jazz Festival Oliver Belopeta

    “I´ve learnt a lot of things. Besides learning some about the bands, hearing the music. But I have learnt a lot regarding the music situation here, how this is supported here on this region, that means Slovakian, Polish and Czech region, and it was a valuable experience for me.”

  • Mr. World Music Simon Broughton

    “I really enjoyed, you know, Gerald Seligman’s presentation about how to market yourself, how to tell your story. All of these things I think are really very important and very useful to tell. And I think, I think for the delegates it is also useful to give people a bit of a taste what the local music is like. I think that´s very important, which you did very well at the beginning.”