◇ Awali ◇

Awali (Tamara Sofia Shmidt) is an independent musician from Ukraine/Czech republic, based in Prague.

This music is an ethereal mixture of delicate vocals, synth and intricate sound experiments. Awali is constantly on a music quest, looking for creative ways of expressing piercing tenderness, deafening anger or the mood of the escapist… Her music is a treat for all lovers of sophisticated electronic and dreamy pop, bringing the listener an interesting and refreshing sound.

Awali started as a project in Spring 2013. In May 2014 released it’s debut EP Breadcrumbs. In December 2014: Musiczone.cz wrote: „Awali are one of the bright discoveries of this year, at least for anyone who likes electronic music, in this case it’s softer, quieter and sophisticated side.“ In February 2015 Awali released the album Between Significant, which had positive reactions from critics. Sgrgldr.com wrote: „Awali‘s debut album Between Significant is such a jewel.

It simply gives you shivers, mostly painful ones. Based on a relatively pure concept – a piano and vocals, occasionally accompanied by a cello and distant samples – the twelve tracks push the boundaries of psychological effects a record may have on a listener, evoking strong visual imaginations of dreamy sceneries and encounters that never took place. It’s so powerful the plastic bag of American Beauty would be dying for such a soundtrack.“

16 Sep 2016 – released the album White Silence which was nominated for the album of the year by kultmix.cz. In the mid 2017 released a single Once When, which made it to the top of the Radio1 chart. It hold a 1. position in Velka Sedma (CZ-SK hit-parade). Awali cooperates with Czech and Slovak musicians. It’s songs became a part of different compilations (e.i. Xion: Space is Only Noise) and were remixed by Real Transported Man (CZ).