Ensemble Bajkó was founded in the spring of 2013, in Budapest, by three hearty, music lover youngsters from the countryside. The most important cohesive force of the formation was friendship and the mutual demand for achieving musical excellence. Folk music is a dominant part of their lives. For them, collective music making is of most importance moreover, they strive to keep the treasures of folk music from the Carpathian Basin in their original form. They play in dance houses throughout the country and had several invites to abroad as well. Without aiming to give an exhaustive list they have played in China, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Russia and Sweden.

Bajkó Band has released his first album in 2018 called ’Couples’, here is the reference why…

“Párosan” (ʻCouplesʼ) is a survey of Central Transylvania’s rich and archaic string band tradition. Aiming at elaboration and balance, it features two tracks from each region: one Hungarian and one Romanian from Mezőség / Câmpia Transilvaniei, one Hungarian and one Gypsy from along River Kis-Küküllő / Târnava Mică, and again, one Hungarian and one Romanian from the valley of River Kis-Szamos / Someşul Mic. The lead track contains music from Kalotaszeg / Ţara Călatei, with a pinch of modern urban influence. The set of seven tracks highlights regional and ethnic differences as nuances of a shared Transylvanian musical idiom.

Bence Kálmán – violin, vocal
Balázs Horváth – violin, vocal
Csaba Weingart – viola, vocal
Balázs Varga – contrabass, vocal

Panni Demeter – vocal
Anna Sőregi – vocal
Tamás Enyedi – dulcimer

Web: www.bajkozenekar.hu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bajkozenekar

Bence Kálmán – kapelník, +36 30 569 39 38