Ciśnienie (polish for ‚pressure’) was founded on a simple premise – to try and find most intense, earth-shattering and mind-bending musical climaxes one can imagine. Stylistically, it’s a blend of post-rock, orchestral music and repetitive jazz, with inspirations ranging from Swans, Fire! Orchestra and Mogwai, to Arvo Pärt and H.M. Górecki. French horn, violin and piano blend seamlessly with heavily distorted bass and frantic drumming, creating uniquely colorful soundscapes and tones – from improvised ambient and psychedelic grooves, to rhythm driven walls of sound. Since late 2017 the band performed over 40 shows, including Katowice JazzArt Festival, Different Sounds Festival in Lublin, Four Cultures Festival in Łódź, Enjoy Jazz in Mannheim and Hradecky Slunovrat in Hradec nad Moravici. In January 2019 Ciśnienie released live debut album „JazzArt Underground“, which gained lots of favourable reviews both from critics and from audiences. In May 2019 they performed with a wind orchestra at Move Your Brass Festival in Katowice, which resulted in another live recording – „Brass Album“, released in February 2020.