The internationally-recognised expert Petr Dorůžka is preparing the conference programme. It features panel discussions and presentations. Key topics include musical genres of Central and Eastern Europe, music exports and the networking of local artists with the international music community. The conference programme is in English.



The secret memoirs of Mr. Ben
Ben Mandelson is one of the most inspiring music personalities — as a Womex co-founder, musician and one of the visionaries who launched the World Music campaign at the historic meeting in 1987. Not so well known is his production work, from Madagascar to Albania and Prague.

Daryana Antipova: Indigenous cultures in Putin’s Russia
Russia is one of the richest sources of indigenous musical cultures. Where to look for the true roots in this vast territory?

Noam Vazana: Ladino and Sephardic songs: the heritage and future
Sephardic songs in Ladino language served as musical chronicles of the Jewish communities – first in medieval Spain, later in diaspora. Noam “Nani” Vazana was born to Jewish parents who came to Israel from Moroccan diaspora. With her music, Nani re-creates bridges between the Muslim and Jewish listeners and extrapolates the Ladino past into the future.

Andrew Cronshaw: East European roots from the English perspective
Andrew Cronshaw gained his knowledge of East and Central European music not only as an explorer, but also as a musician drawing ideas from it and playing some of its instruments, such as the fujara, Slovakia’s giant shepherds’ flute.

Thorsten Bednarz: Collecting records in digital age
While the market is dominaned by streaming and digital downloads, some of the biggest companies plan to stop producing CDs in 2 years. Let’s get prepared!

Dejan Vujinović: Troubadours Creative Europe project, festivals and other events, the Serbian perspective
2020 Troubadours project is run by cultural NGO’s from Belgium, France, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine. Main objective is to improve the transnational mobility of world music artists from those regions, by setting up series of ‘Trouba Labs’ (concerts/workshops) and ‘Trouba Train Trips’. The Balkans are a melting pot of cultures, economic imbalances, and extreme mésalliance of musical styles.

Petr Hajn, Milan Cimfe, Matar Niang, Petra Hradilová: The journey with the camera for the roots and the current form of West African music

Tim Cole, BaoBao Chen: Small Island Big Song – A world music response to Climate Change
As climate pressure mounts worldwide, many in the arts question, ‘what is the role of artists in conversations dominated by science and public policy?’ Culture defines our relationship to our environment both social and natural, as artists and storytellers we have a responsibility to inform our guiding narratives.