crossroads plus – zrní

Crossroads PLUS will be the end of this year’s Czech Music Crossroads showcase. We will offer one of the best bands of contemporary Czech alternative scene – Zrní.

Gentle artbrut, coal Zen from Kladno. We enjoy discovering new possibilities and combinations in music. To play, to be together in the musical landscape that we are the creators of. We like to explore, express and share our feelings. Most of our songs comes from joint improvisation. We find inspiration in nature, its permanent principles, landscape, folk music, but also in this hasty,

electronic age that brings sounds of machinery, cars, towns, specifically human feelings, situations and new musical opportunities. We sing in Czech. We are a party of five men, playing together since 2001, still the same people. Through music we want to show the desire of observation, fascination by ourselves, we want to take life as a game and a great experience. Don´t give a shit about the outfit. “Zrní” are a game, coal Zen from Kladno.