The Csángálló is a family of five souls, always accompanied by the sound of music and festivities. In their music the world of Gyimes and Moldavian Csángó’s meet the exciting folk music of the Balkans, which is extended through free thinking, improvisation, composing and singing. This all adds up to a whole new sound. The end result is a kind of psychedelic experience which is made out of powerful melodies accompanied soulfully. Their performance is not just a virtuoso party event, but there is also consciousness of the origin of their music. Their collective dream started in 2009, and since then their name is well known in the Hungarian folk and world music scene. They perform regularly in the Budapest Táncház movement, clubs, summer festivals and they have also performed abroad. They have worked together with internationally recognized artists such as Tcha Limberger and Félix Lajkó, with who they opened O.Z.O.R.A Festival in 2016, where they played for more than 20 000 people.

Their first album, Fel az úton, was also released that year by Fonó Records. They believe that music is a universal language which heals, uplifts and let us fly on the wings of imagination, so we can return to our roots which feed us, so the leaves that grow from the branches can dance freely in the light.


Winkler Silvia
tel: (+36) 304 858 554