Musicians with Czech roots living abroad are also interested in Czech Music Crossroads. For example, Lenka Morávková, living in California, has presented the results of her work in Ostrava in previous years, the Czech flautist Žofia Kašparová (who studies in Sweden) and her international ‘13th Dimension’ band succeeded in the showcase selection. That inspired us to add ‘the Czech Diaspora’ as a fully-fledged category to the showcase programme in 2018. One of our goals is to create international ties for Czech artists and we are convinced that those who have already put down roots in a foreign country are the best role models for the local scene. In addition, their participation in Crossroads will encourage the establishing of mutually beneficial contacts. For this year we opted for a duo called Dálava, formed by the singer Julia Ulehla (the great granddaughter of folklorist and founder of the Strážnice Festival, Professor Vladimír Úlehla) and her husband Aram Bajakian, guitarist of John Zorn and Lou Reed. Their repertoire merges Moravian songs with avant-garde rock and experimental theatre. Julia Ulehla is also working at the University of Vancouver on a doctoral thesis further building on the ethnographic research of Professor Vladimír Úlehla.