„Every now and then an album appears that is so overwhelming and so intense that it is hard to put into any category. Such is the case with The Book Of Transfigurations, the second release by Dálava…Saying that The Book Of Transfigurations is a masterpiece is not an exaggeration.”
– Bas Springer, fRoots, August 2017

„The album is not so much a fusion, more an exciting collision of tradition with experimentation, one that will equally appeal to fans of folk, avantgarde improv and jazz.“
– Jo Frost, Songlines Magazine, July 2017

„It’s an album that manages to be thoroughly rooted in its Moravian past while stillpushing ahead into the 21st Century, a complete, radical reinvention of Moravian music. Ulehla is the linchpin, with a voice that can seduce like Lorelei on the rocks one moment, then turn strident and martial, passionate and sinuous; while guitarist Aram Bajakian, whose credits include working with John Zorn, offers an instrumental counterpoint. The rest of the six-piece band deserve equal billing, not just for their playing, but also for their invention. These are songs to disturb and to lull, of past and family. Mysterious, yes, but also filled with a curious beauty.“
– Chris Nickson, fRoots, July, 2017