A’capella band Dalinda tells us about the stages of womanhood through the medium of authentic and modern sounds. The band’s three lead singers charge the audience with feminine energy and they formulate the Hungarian folk melodies with a tendril-like playfulness.

They started working together during their studies at the Folk Music Faculty of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in numerous authentic and world music performances. They have been playing live music since 2015 and had the opportunity to perform in the most eminent concert halls and festivals of Hungary. During the summer of 2017, they were invited to China and Inner-Mongolia, which gave them the opportunity to perform their show on several international festivals as well. Regular contributors to Táncház-Népzene albums. Their debut album was released in 2018, which was premiered at the Fonó Music Hall. In the last years they were invited to several events – New Year’s Eve Gala and Folk Music Festival – held at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. The acapella formation is also a regular guest of the Sebő Band, including the Sebő60 jubilee celebration. In 2018, they gave a concert with the Trio Mandili at the Congress Center.

Depending on the venue of the concert, accapella can be accompanied by an instrumental trio – flutes, cimbalom, base. This formation has already been introduced at the Várkert Bazár and youth concerts organized by MÜPA.

Quoted by Balázs Weyer: “Julianna Paár, Johanna Orbán and Sára Tímár are the optimistic future of Hungarian folk singing. They’re experimenting on a solid basis. They not only want to possess the folklore, but also think about it and share the love of the folk songs widely.

Web: www.dalinda.hu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dalindamusic

Julianna Paár, +36 302 462 838