Ken Day

Founder and owner of D TOURS World Music Booking Agency. D TOURS was founded in 1994 and is a company based in Sweden working primarily with musicians in what is called “world music”: traditional, non-traditional and music where more than one culture or tradition intermingle. So it is a very broad genre! It is basically… MUSIC! Good music that swings and moves us in many directions. D TOURS also consults and provides groups to festivals and venues in Scandinavia, in particular Urkult Festival, Torsjö Live, Malmö Festival, Stockholm Culture Festival, Ystad Jazz, Liseberg, Skansen… just to name a few. Scandinavia is our base, but the world is our field! There are no borders for music!


• 1978–80: Creative Music Studio, Woodstock, New York (Administration)

• 1980–94: Tour manager and booking agent in folk, jazz and world music. Among other things, 10 years as Youssou Ndour’s tour manager, on worldwide tours.

• 1994: started my company D TOURS, engaged in tour operations in folk, jazz and world music.

• 1995 started Urkult FESTIVAL together with some others. I have been program director of music since its inception.

• In 1998, the program coordinator of the project „World Music in Botkyrka“

• 2002: The program director for „WORLD. DK“ in Denmark

• 2003: Consultant to The Canada Council for the Arts and the project „Exposed Roots“

• Consultant and panel assignments and board appointments: WOMEX, Danish Roots (2010), Urkult (1995–2011), Without Borders, the International Art Forum, Bulgaria (2009–2015) , RFoD board (2008–2010), The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konsnärnämden) (2010…)

2012…: working together with Ian Smith at Frusion and Rosario Maffucci at Italian World Music in a new project called Trio Amigos Management.