◇ Detekm ◇

DETEKM is a pseudonym covering Maroš Sabo, a perennial representative of the Trenčín electronic scene. Many may know him under the pseudonym ‚Abnormal‘, which is his alter ego more focused on ambient. DETEKM is a project into which he transforms everything that affects him, from music to interpersonal relationships. His production is characterised by the rigour of sounds, a dark ambient background and occasional madness. Especially more advanced listeners how can appreciate both experimentation and simplicity enjoy his performances.

Maroš Sabo has been producing and performing live since 2008. He is not only an active musician, but also an organiser of the InteriorSounds music event.

He is a regular guest performer in Prague clubs, he has played at the Wilsonic, Waves Bratislava and Pohoda festivals, at the Wilsonic_FM podcast and performed live in the Pohoda_FM radio show. He is the man behind the Nočná – Night Techno brand in Bratislava.