Bel Air de Forro

Bel air de Forro is the perfect match amongst three outstanding musicians mastering the Brazilian North-East urban music. Singer Mariana Caetano has powerful voice and an engaging and quite personal way of communication with the audience.

The band was formed in 2012, in 2015 they produced their first album called „Na estrada“ in which they recorded their live stage experience. This first adventure has energetic hurricane versions of traditional Brazilian hits like „Chinelo de Rosinha“ and „Toque de Fole“.

In their second album „Sertão do Mar“, released in 2019, the band started to show some original works in which we can listen to the powerful voice and the “rabeca” (traditional fiddle) performed by the magnificent Pernambucan master Maciel Salustiano.

Mariana Caetano – vocal
Yann Le Corre – accordion
Marcelo Costa – percussion