Fleuves is an atypical trio composed of clarinettist Emilien Robic, Piano Fender Rhodes player Samson Dayou and bass player Romain Dubois. While building their entire repertoire inspired by the rhythms of traditional dances from Brittany, the three musicians developed a unique electronic music endowed with a strong cinematic potential.

The group’s musical mixes music genres and together they are developing a sound that captures audience with its electronic and refined freshness. Fleuves is an invitation to get moving and dancing; from throbbing curves to incisive points, the trio’s music creates a levitating trance !

The band is part of the latest generation of Breton musicians whose music borrows both from traditional music and the latest innovative aesthetics. Their debut album, released at the end of 2016 (through Coop Breizh) was a bestseller. In 2019, they released their sophomore album entitled #2.

Emilien Robic – clarinet
Samson Dayou – Fender Rhodes and programming
Romain Dubois – bass

Web: http://www.lusinerie.com/fleuves/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fleuves.Music/

Booking: frederic@lusinerie.com