The music of the Czech singer and guitarist Moonshye represents a distinctive alternative songwriting, which is based on a deep emotional experience. The singer herself is characterized by the specific color of her voice and by the playfulness of simple guitar motifs.

Moonshye comes from Silesia and thanks to that she has always been close to Poland. She also spent several years there in the inspiring environment of the film city of Łódž, where in 2017 she began performing solo. This period if her life is reflected on her debut album Curtain of the Moon, which was released in 2021 by the Brno publishing house Rustical Records. The album is available on Bandcamp, Youtube and streaming services. You could also hear songs from it on the air radio in the Czech Republic (Proglas, Ostravan, Czech Republic Ostrava, Radio 1), Poland (Radio Kraków, Radio Opole) and Slovakia (Radio FM, New Model Radio).

Moonshye has performed dozens of solo concerts in Czech Republic and in Poland, including the Soundrive festival in Gdańsk, the Opole Songwriter Festival and Cool v plotě festival. In a duo with producer Pavel Šmíd, she presented her album at festivals such as Hradecký Slunovrat, Boskovice, Tužina Groove, Okolojeles, United Islands of Prague and others. For the year 2022, Moonshye is planning a tour with the band.

Moonshye – singing, guitar
Pavel Šmíd – electric guitar, kalimba
Vojta Svatoš – keyboard
Štěpán Podrazil – drums