Diego Pablos Salazar

Diego Pablos is a music passionate, concert goer and record collector with over 15 years of experience in the music industry. His first music-related (unpaid) job was conducting a weekly show at the university radio; then he worked as an intern on a PR and online publicity firm (Magnum PR) in New York City for rock and electronic music acts. Back in he has worked for Sony Music for over a decade covering different marketing roles. During 6 years Pablo was the head of Octubre, an indie label within Sony Music developing emerging and alternative acts, and his last position was as International Marketing Manager. He´s been lucky enough to work with a great variety of artists, from Spain and abroad, from international superstars to upcoming talent, from mainstream acts to underground music.

Six years ago Pablo founded ABOUT MUSIC, a company based in Madrid, Spain. Focus on the company is music and cultural projects handcrafted and made from the heart. They book and promote shows, curate music programs for different institutions and art foundations – both public and private, they organize and teach at different music industry courses, they develop special one-of-a-kind projects (for festivals or brands), they executively produce albums, help artists to find shows or guide them through the music industry backstage.

Clients of ABOUT MUSIC include: