Petr Dorůžka

He’s been compiling the radio show Hudba na pomezí (Borderland Music) for the Vltava station at Czech Radio since 1988. Petr was a member of the jury at the Sajanskoje kolco festival in Siberia between 2003 and 2005 and was appointed as one of 7 Samurais at the Womex Fair in 2007. He has been the only Czech member of the radio panel for the World Music Charts Europe since 1992 and has been lecturing World Music Culture at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University since 2002.

He’s been writing about music since the ’60s, is the author of the biography Šuplík plný Zappy (a drawer full of Zappa), having compiled and contributed to the Hudba na pomezí anthology while also contributed to the book Beaty Bigbeaty Breakbeaty (Beats, Bigbeats Breakbeats). He regularly writes for the magazines Rock & Pop and UNI. He runs the website together with his London-based colleague, Ken Hunt.

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