Przemysław Strączek and Chiao-Hua Chang Duo

The duo’s music is based on the compositions of Przemysław Strączek, who since 2015 has focused on combining ethnic Far East elements in his music based on improvisation, elements of jazz and ethno-jazz. Since then, bands led by him, such as Przemek Strączek & Asian Strings Collective or East Meets East Quartet, gained recognition not only in Poland but also abroad, as evidenced by the invitation to tour in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, China). These groups performed at festivals in Singapore – Shaw Foundation Stage, 1500 Tons Festival in Shanghai (Museum of Modern Art, Power Station) and CCOM World & Jazz Music Festival (Central Conservatory) in Beijing.

The duo with Chiao-Hua Chang is another attempt to combine oriental exoticism with European jazz. The melodic and color possibilities of Far Eastern instruments such as erhu and matouqin give the music a peculiar character.

Przemysław Strączek – gitar, composition

Chiao-Hua Chang – er-chu, morin chuur, vocals

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