SINNOI is a quartet consisting of Wonsool Lee, a bassist who has an unrivaled presence in Korean jazz scene; Bora Kim, who has and extensive musical range from Gyeonggi minyo(folk song) and jeongga(literary vocal genre); Godam, an artist of electronic sound; Jungseok Lee, a Geomungo player. This unique combination of Jazz, Korean traditional music and electronic sound creates SINNOI’s sound, which is truly original and exceptional, by blurring the boundaries between the genres and integrating disparate elements with each other.

SINNOI is another name of SINAWI, originated from the shamanistic music, one of the oldest traditional Korean music, and performed by an instrumental ensemble. This form primarily focuses on achieving harmony among the instruments with disparate musical characteristics. As its band name implies, SINNOI places its foremost interest in demonstrating new variations out of three different musical ingredients―Korean traditional music-based vocal and geomungo, jazz double bass and electronic sound.

„Sinnoi are a wonderful surprise. Just watch this unique band become a live and viral cult presence across the globe over the next decade.“ Soho Radio.

Bora Kim – vocals
Wonsool Lee – double bass
GODAM – electronic sound
Jungseok Lee – geomungo




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