The SOLE music group is inspired from the traditional songs of various countries, selects characteristic musical elements from them and transforms them into a new contemporary form across the genres of jazz, classical and traditional music. During their work, these five talented musicians make sure that their arrangements are appreciated by even the most demanding listeners, but at the same time they are still understandable.

Despite the fact that SOLE has only been active on the music scene since 2020 (with the original name Acalari Ensemble), they quickly made it to major music events such as City Sounds Festival 2021, The 900 metrov jazzu Festival or the Slovak TV show „Trochu Inak s Adelou“.

In the autumn of 2020, they released their debut single entitled DUJ JILORA in collaboration with the Spectrum Quartet and the prominent Slovak artist Juraj Bartoš.

Júlia Kozáková – vocals
Ľubomír Gašpar – double bass
Ľudovít Kotlár – piano
Filip Urda – accordion
Jakub Valíček – drums

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