With her characteristic voice, deep and strong attachment to Hungarian folk music, Enyedi Ágnes marked out from her generation’s folk singers quite early. She spent most of her childhood in the Transylvanian village of Bonchida, amongst autenthic and traditional environment, therefore her unique singing skill is actually a natural, inborn gift. She is a well known and prominent singer of the Hungarian ’dance house movement’, member of multiple music ensembles (including Magos and Tázló bands), guest singer of the professional Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and Duna Art Ensemble, participant of various music projects and several albums. As a teacher her main focus is on sharing her knowledge and affection to authentic folk music with her talented students.

Ágnes, who has won Junior Prima and Young Master of Folk Art Awards regularly has concerts as a singer of her folk band or member of her trio or duo sets with Soma Salamon and Tamás Enyedi. The young singer’s first solo album was released in 2009, now she is working on publishing the CD of her intimate theatrical folk music performance (premiere: 2016).

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Enyedi Ágnes
e-mail: enyediagnesofficial@gmail.com
tel: (+36) 303 760 444