To simply categorize the style of this Silesia-based septet would not do them justice… Alternative, folk, punk, electronic… There’s no music genre suitable for their sound. But they don’t like to be labeled because good energy is all you need. Fifidroki draw inspiration from their surroundings: dirty chimneys, prohibited Silesian districts, felds of the Beskids, but also from Ukrainian villages and Jewish kibbutz.

Their music is as well aggressive and dirty as lyric and fairy. They have just released an album titled „Blomkul“. Despite of the title (Blomkul means caulifower in Silesian language), it is not easy to digest, vegan dish but kind of essential folk stew. Just taste it!

The band has a couple of years of experience, EP and CD released (award in a competition of „Tyski
Bank Kultury“ in 2015), over 150 concerts performed, including:
– Slot Art Festival 2011 – Main Stage
– Woodstock Festival 2016 – Pokojowa Wioska Kryszny
– Jarocin Festival 2017
– Around Te Rock Festival 2017

– Przystanek Żory Festival 2017 – several editions of Industriada Festival in Katowice
– several radio broadcasts (namely „Trójka – Program 3 Polskiego Radia“, „Radio Katowice“)
– live performance at „Czwórka Polskie Radio“

The band played with/opened for well-known and respected bands:
Kult, Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa, Haydamaky, Carrantuohill, Voo Voo etc..!



Norbert Jasłowski
+48 668 215 261