Peter Guschelbauer

Born in 1953 in Linz/Austria, I learned with six years the recorder and then with 8 years piano. At the age of 14 years, I learned guitar, and later on bass, saxophone and percussion instruments.

1967 was maybe the most important year for my musical development. Jimi Hendrix released his title purple haze, which defined my world new, and on the other side John Coltrane passed away. So today I say I grew up in my left ear with Jimi Hendrix and in the right ear with John Coltrane. Jazzrock was born.

I played in a lot of bands and soon it was clear I wanted to live from and with music. 1972 I finished the gymnasium and I started after my service in the army 1973 in Linz at the university with mathematics and physics and later on in Salzburg geography, which I finished in 1981 and the Italian language.

As I came back from Salzburg to Linz I founded my first recording studio, 2 years later my first label and another 2 years later a publishing and a distribution company. So my start as a music producer was made, I went to all important fairs like 25 years to the MIDEM in Cannes, Hongkong and Miami, the Popkomm in Cologne, the Jazzahead in Bremen, the WOMEX etc.

1997 I founded together with my school mate Chris Haller the band Still Experienced, a band whose music is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix
2000, concert at the Brucknerhouse in Linz in occasion to the 30th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix passing away
2000, I started with a sound & light company to support musicians at festivals like the Inntöne Festival, the Festwochen Gmunden and many others
I was the promoter from Joe Zawinul from 2002 – 2007 till his passing away
2004, I founded my new label Alessa Records for jazz, world music, blues etc.
2006, I founded the jazz festival in Steyr.
2007, I moved to Hagenberg, a little bit north of Linz and opened my new recording studio, house, office, warehouse etc
Since 2009 I am the curator of a blues serie in Linz in collaboration with the chamber of labour called Tuesday the Bluesday.
2010, I founded together with Walter Sticht the STIWA Jazzforum in Hagenberg
I am now for more than 15 years the technical director of a big summer festival in Gmunden- Austria, a “multipurpose” festival with up to 100 events every summer for jazz, classical music, theatre, world music etc.
2010 Still Experienced XL, a 12 piece band was founded, according to the idea of Gil Evans, 40th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix passing away
2015 I founded together with Stefan Brunnhofer in his galerie the serie jazz at the arthouse for free improvised music

I produced up to now about 500 albums