Hadas Vanunu

Hadas Vanunu has been involved with the music industry in Israel for over twenty years. For a decade she was the manager and artistic director of one of the biggest and most famous music venues in Israel – „The Yellow Submarine“ – a house for music in Jerusalem that hosts local and international artists, producing festivals, developing music projects with known and upcoming musicians, music education and sound engineering programs, as well as rehearsal rooms and recording studio.

Vanunu is artistic director of the “ISRAEL International Music Showcase Festival” (IMSF) – an annual two week-long festival that give a stage and expose local artists from genres such as rock, indie, electronic, jazz, and world music, to professionals – artistic directors, festival managers, venues, media, bookers and labels from the international music market. The festival is more than 12 years directly responsible for hundreds of Israeli musicians‘ international careers. During the years Vanunu was involved with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in exporting Israeli music and creating new collaborations with the international music industry.

Hadas Vanunu is also the chief producer and head of the artistic team of the Jerusalem Jazz festival, a 7 year old festival, held at the Israel Museum of Art. Alongside Avishai Cohen, the trumpet player, who is the artistic director, they create a magical boutique festival, very young-vibes and dynamic, hosts cutting edge artists from all over the world, and invite them to not only perform on stage but also to be a vivid part of it – through the whole 3 days, the artists are playing with us and with the musicians and audience in an original ways toward the beautiful and mysterious paths of the Museum.