A musical project based on two people and two instruments: a female voice and an acoustic double bass. Pure, stripped down music without the usual feathering with additional instruments. An encounter of two experienced personalities from the Czech music scene.

The paths of Ridina Ahmedová and Petr Tichý have been crossing each other for nearly twenty years. They used to meet in various jazz ensembles, and later they played together in the Floex project. “The time has come to fulfil our old dream: to try to play our own music only as a duo, unplugged, pure, stripped down and without the usual feathering with additional instruments,” say both musicians. “It was important for us to set up the project in such a way as to be equal partners. Not a lead singer and an accompanist but rather two instruments freely oscillating in a shared music space.” The loopstation, a device capable of recording multiple tracks over each other, has actually become the third member of the formation. “We use it in virtually all compositions. Thanks to it we can build ‘sound architecture’ and work with both harmonic and melodic richness,” explained Ridina Ahmedová. Some parts contain eight to ten, and exceptionally up to thirteen overdubbed voices. “Our goal was not to create the densest possible compositions, but rather a countryside where one loves coming back,” says Petr Tichý.

When asked if their compositions could be assigned to a musical genre, both agreed: “We probably do not match any genre pigeonhole. Influences that we’ve been through – jazz, classical music, soul and various ‘alternative streams’ could perhaps be heard in our sound. Pigeonholing is terribly onerous. We make music that pleases us and is an intersection of our musical worlds.” Playing in such a ‘chamber ensemble’ is an intense experience for both of them. “It gives us firm limits fixed by the simple instrumental cast, but also great freedom. There’s fragility and strength because when there are only two instruments they can connect really closely. For us, it is an intensive journey into the sheer joy of sound.”

In November 2016, after several years of touring they released a long-awaited album of their own compositions under the Poli5 label.

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