Kamila Buráňová

Kamila is originally from Moravia, where she as an active student started producing concerts and festivals on her own for fellow students in her hometown. She moved to Prague in 2016 and became a main manager of the biggest scout festival in Czech Republic called Obrok. After 4 years in innovations, event management, project management and sustainability she has become a project manager of established festival United Islands of Prague, hosted by the company Ostrovy s.r.o. In 2021 she, along with her team, produced a successful comeback to the centre of Prague, after the festival was taking place in Karlín for 4 years. Apart from that she is the author of the new concept called Islands of Inspiration, which is a special form of non-musical programme focused on sustainable development goals, with the main topics of Diversity, Sustainability and Freedom. In 2022 she is continuing with managing the United Islands festival and team, currently working mainly on sustainable vision and plan for the festival, whose goal is to bring the ideas of Islands of Inspiration into the real production.