Kapela Fedaków is a family band of young people playing old music. They are deeply inspired by traditional music of Katowice, whole Silesian region, which has a capital in Katowice, as well as traditional music of whole country, Poland. They claim that music should be useful for people, that is why they play mainly for dance, they love when people sing and play with them spontaneously. They make also social actions, when they renew old musical traditions, such as Christmas visits of carolers in people’s houses. Kapela Fedaków leads regular workshops of traditional dance and music in Katowice since 2015, where amateurs learn to play instruments, sing and dance to traditional music. Kapela Fedaków participated in numerous artistic, educational and social projects in Katowice and Silesian region, such as “Muzyka ludowa Katowic/Folk music of Katowice”, “Pola widzenia książki/Fields of view of a book” or “Tabor Śląski/Silesian camp (of traditional dance and music)”. They played and led workshops also at Mandau Jazz Festival in Mandau, Germany or played concerts in Polish Institute in Prague, Czech Republic.

The band consists of:
Iga Fedak – ethnologist, ethnomusicologist, folk dance instructor; sings, plays Polish frame drum and Polish bass drum, teaches dances;

Kuba Fedak – musician, composer; plays accordion, hammered dulcimer and Polish pipes;

Karolina Fedak – plays violin and Polish vielle, called suka biłgorajska.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/kapela.fedakow

kapela.fedakow@gmail.com, +48 781 008 387