Katarína Máliková composes, plays and sings music, which resonates with folklore, art-pop, classical and world music. She comes from Polomka in the Horehronie region where she grew up surrounded by mountains. The mysterious countryside and songs of her native region left a strong echo in her works. When her debut album named Pustvopol was released in November 2016 by Slnko Records, it immediately attracted the attention of both the media and audiences and became one of the top titles in Slovakia. “The works of Katarína Máliková are a brilliant convergence of excellent musical education, unusual sensitivity to the specifics of traditional Slovak music and a creative mind. She is extremely consistent as an author and performer.

Among the young artists on the Slovak independent scene, we rarely meet such a degree of balance between the wide range of expressions and thoughtfulness that characterise her music. The aesthetic radiation of her music penetrates deep and strikes sensitive areas of the human imagination. She managed to open the folklore door to the broader world and attract a surprisingly diverse audience,” says the ethnomusicologist Jana Ambrózová.

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Martina Kotláriková
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