Kreaton is an educational platform for electronic music scene founded by Czech Radio Wave editor, host and DJ Marie Ctverackova and well established rapper and producer Martin Tvrdy.

Kreaton is a monthly radio show on Radio Wave focused on testing various instruments, hardware and software to advice young musicians not only about new ways of making music but also on business side of the music.
Kreaton organizes workshops like Play table, that introduces non professionals and kids to various electronic instruments in a playful way. Concept was designed by rapper and producer Martin Tvrdy alias Bonus.

Kreaton also started a special event called Music Ports supported by Goethe-Institut where German music professionals are invited to bring professional capacity and inspiration to young electronic producers.

In 2015 Mary C hosted series of debates with local music professionals called Sound Chat supported by The Czech Center.
Kreaton has a label. Under the name post-label they release various compilations and albums of young Czech musicians, mainly electronic producers. The music is released on postcards with free download QR code and link. Postcards are distributed to cafés, music shops and clubs where also tourists can pick them and send their friends from holiday as “Music greetings from Prague”.