Krzikopa (eng. pron.: Kshee-copa) performs old folk songs from Silesia, the most industrial part of Poland. using their own progressive elektro-folk style. As well as traditional polish singing and acoustic instruments like accordion or violin, they’re a DJ’s console and a customised drum set. This makes the old songs sound modern and danceable, just like they did a hundred years ago, making Krzikopa’s music a unique mix of time and space dimientional journey.

The band was formed in 2012 thanks to the initiative of Mateusz Dyszkiewicz, accordionist and composer. Main impulse is fairly widespread belief that folk music of Silesia is not as interesting and rich as traditional music of other regions. Therefore the main theme of Krzikopa’s activity is bringing back silesian folk songs to the status they had initialy, when they were created: so that people can dance to them. The genre represented by the band is a mixture of tradition and contemporary music, with strong inspiration and quotes from classical composers i.e. J.S. Bach, or I. Stravinsky.

Krzikopa combines traditional Sielsian instruments (accordion, violin), traditional technique of singing (white voice) and modern style electronics, vibrant progressive rythms (D’n’B, dubstep). The idea is widely appreciated by the fans. Seeing them dancing to old silesian evergreens makes us feel that the mission is being fullfilled and we find it the best kind of support we can get.

After several successes in 2014 and 2015 including awards at nationwide festivals, Krzikopa released rst EP named „Backwoods” in 2016 including 3 songs based on original, root tunes from Upper Silesia region. The band is currently working on their first LP Album.


Mateusz Dyszkiewicz
tel:+48 789 047 682