Kuczeryki Traditional Singing Group are a crowd of friends inspired by traditional singing techniques, Slavic folklore and the beauty of old folk songs. They perform in the so-called “white voice”: the traditional technique of natural, loud singing with an open throat. This technique was widely used in Poland and other Slavic countries, and was prevalent among rural communities as recently as two generations ago. Joint singing accompanied people’s work and leisure but was also present in the most important moments of life: from birth and wedding to death and parting with the deceased. The character of the singing reflects the common emotional experience, its strength resulting from the need of communication in everyday village life: calling in open spaces or during crowded and noisy meetings. For the Kuczeryki, the greatest values are the power, pleasure and joy they find in singing together. As is the traditional way, they do not use musical notation but learn by ear, from teachers or original recordings.

The Kuczeryki will take us on a musical journey across Polish unison songs, the polyphony of East Slavic nations (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus) and the unique rhythms of the Balkans. Traditional songs are stories weaved from yearnings, fears and dreams, with the symbolic characters of boy and girl who, like in fairy-tales, are in fact the protagonists of stories about ourselves.

The group, started nearly 7 years ago, is currently composed of fifteen singing enthusiasts from Upper Silesia. They are not professional singers but, driven by the overwhelming urge to preserve the folk singing traditions, they believe in continuous development. The group members learn from masters of traditional singing, including Witold Kozłowski, Iryna Slyvchuk, Svetlana Butskaya, Sofia Herian, Olga Jemialjanczyk, Barbara Wilińska, Yuriy Kovalchuk, Branko Tadić, Yuriy Pastushenko, Oksana But, Tetyana Sopilka, Viktoryia Mikhno, Julia Doszna, Victoria Hanna, Julita Charytoniuk, Katarína Máliková, Zane Smite and Dace Pruse.

The Kuczeryki sing in all places at all times, regardless of the occasion – be it at concerts or relaxed, open meetings for anyone who cares to join. It is time to sing in Ostrava!

Kuczeryki Traditional Singing Group:
Anna Adamkiewicz, Irena Borek, Łucja Cieślar, Izabela Hajduk, Marlena Hermanowicz, Joanna Kustwan, Renata Lipczak, Jolanta Misiarz, Natalia Pięta, Michał Prusek, Weronika Ratajska, Paulina Turek, Jakub Wałęsiak, Nina Wolska, Barbara Ziemer

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kuczeryki

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/kuczeryki