Laurent Marceau

Laurent Marceau

2016–2001 European Broadcasting Union (EBU) – Manager of Euroradio/Eurosonic Radio activity of the EBU: stations get access to music via a unique network, composed of youth-focused stations.

Joint projects with artists and recording companies, as well as acquiring radio rights for the transmission of major events and festivals, such as Roskilde (Denmark), Transmusicales de Rennes (France), Benicassim (Spain), Paléo, Montreux (Switzerland) and many others.

Concerts of Artists and Bands, such as Coldplay, Radiohead, Oasis, Amy Winehouse and dozens of others, offered to Members, creating a unique pool of recordings indispensible to EBU Members’ live music slots (on average 450 music offers released every year).

Eurosonic festival, with 27 EBU Members participating each year. Other music exchanges (world, etc..). Guest-speaker in various Workshops and Conferences.

2001–1992 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – Senior Music Producer