In Vol.67 Lautari presents avantgarde arrangements of Polish folk music on chamber ensemble with a prepared piano. In this unique approach folk music retains all its basic qualities: usefulness, a ritual and magical character, while becoming individual, contemporary artistic expression.

  • Drawing on musical modernism as much as specific rural folk traditions, Lautari deliver a compelling contemporary account from one small corner of the European folk tradition’s amazing legacy.“ Tim Cumming, The Arts Desk (Read full review)

The name and the idea of vol.67 refers to the monumental ethnographic work of Oskar Kolberg – The Folk: customs, life, speech, tales, proverbs, ceremonies, rituals, superstitions, games, songs, music and dance. Vol.67 of Kolberg’s collected works contains folk melodies arranged on piano.

With vol.67 the Lautari ensemble reunites after a couple of years. It is their first project fully dedicated to Polish folk music, after the well received albums: Azaran and Muzica Lautaresca Nova.

Maciej Filipczuk – fiddle
Jacek Hałas – prepared piano, accordion
Michał Żak – clarinet, flute, shawm
guest: Marcin Pospieszalski/Marcin Lamch – double bass



Joanna Wiedro
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