Marie Čtveráčková

Marie Čtveráčková alias Mary C is an editor, DJ and host for Radio Wave. She coordinates music export project Czeching, hosts a weekly show focused on rap and progressive electronic music, curates monthly exchange of DJ sets with polish OFF Radio Krakow called Mixchange and started a label called post-label.

Together with well established rapper and producer Bonus she hosts a special monthly show Kreaton focused on testing various instruments, hardware and software to advice young musicians not only about new ways of making music but also on business side of the music. They also organize various workshops. Music Ports is their special educational event for young electronic producers supported by Goethe-Institut. Mary C is a proud member of female:pressure collective and is very much engaged in the topic of gender, music and feminism. She writes a special column focused on the topic of gender and music for FullMoon Magazine. She also plays the violin and perform in live rap sets and improvised sessions with Bonus.