Marija Vitas
Ethnomusicologist, music critic, journalist, editor, festival co-selector, cultural worker

She graduated at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. After that she had been working several years as a musician in Serbia and Japan and as a professor in Music school in Serbia. In 2007 she started to evolve herself in the media jobs that will become her main interest during the time. From 2008 – 2019 she had worked on Radio Belgrade 2 with a wide range of activities: CD reviews, reportages of concerts and festivals. Marija was a host of radio-show Od zlata jabuka, focused on Serbian and Balkan traditional music and cultural heritage. Marija is currently an associate on the Radio Belgrade’s folk music channel Pletenica. Since 2008 Marija writes for the Serbian world music magazine Etnoumlje. Four years later she will become the editor-in-chief. Under her leadership, the magazine changed its visual and conceptual identity, keeping the main course – focus on world music news, bands, artists, happenings and phenomenon. Both for Radio Belgrade 2 and Etnoumlje, she did many reviews of world music concerts and festivals in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium etc. Since 2018 Marija has also been the editor of web portal of World Music Association of Serbia. She is writing about music topics for other magazines and web portals and made Road Trip to Serbia for the BBC3 radio-show Music Planet. As the member and vice-president of WMAS, Marija guided several field researching projects (izvika singing, bagpipes, gusle etc.). She is the member of the international panel of world music experts Transglobal World Music Chart. In 2019 she founded Balkan World Music Chart with the idea to promote Balkan music. Marija has been often a jury member of many folk festivals in Serbia. She was also a co-organizer of several events and has been a co-selector of world music festival Todo Mundo since 2015 as well. As the member of Association Ring Ring, she was included in the European project EU.T.ER.PE together with the organizations from Italy, Croatia and Greece. Marija received The 2019 Best Music Critic Award given by a reputable Serbian magazine Muzika klasika.