Milan Tesař
Music journalist, Radio Proglas

After an episode with a student radio program, he joined the then brand new Radio Proglas in 1995 and has been working as the head of the music department for the whole time. In addition to the musical dramaturgy of the all-day broadcast, he is in charge of a number of programs, including his author’s weekly Listen, People! (in which he focuses on topics related to world music, jazz, folk and alternative music) or leading musical interviews from the daily cycle How Do You Like It (in which he moderated thousands of interviews with musicians). He collaborates externally with the Czech Radio Jazz station, as a writing music publist he contributes to the Cultural Magazine UNI, Harmonie, the Catholic Weekly, the Polish magazine Twój Blues or the portal Brno – City of Music. He is a professional guarantor of the Anděl Awards in the Folk and Jazz genre categories. He is the author of a book interview with violinist Jan Hruby. He is a member of the panel of European radio publicists World Music Charts Europe and in the autumn of 2020 he took over the leadership of this panel after its founder Johannes Theurer.