Despite their short lifespan, this trio has built up a real presence in the Central European scene – mostly thanks to their innovative take on Jewish regional traditions from former Hungarian territories. It specializes in so-called bilingual songs which are very popular among Hasidic community. The band gives a new robe to these songs while keeping in mind the Hasidic philosophy. Their arrangements are reorganizing the interpretation of old songs by adding the elements of chanson, jazz, world and contemporary music.

Their debut album called Reguita is a reconstruction of liturgical music and collaboration with Rabbi Tanya Segal. The second album is based on the texts of Slovak-Jewish writer Shlomo ben Rivke titled Tfilos un Nigunim (Pavian Records, 2018). Moishe Band latest project is dedicated to its own research of Jewish music heritage of former Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The album dedicated to the music of the Spiš region in Slovakia is titled Zipserim and was released in 2019.

Moishe Band is the finalist of prestigious competition at the International Jewish Music Festival, Amsterdam 2017. Band have toured in Germany, Holland, several times in Poland and Israel.

Since the founding of Moishe Band, its members have been invited to many festivals e.g. Cracow Jewish Culture Festival, Tachana haRishona – Jerusalem, KlezMORE – Vienna and many more.

Michal Paľko – cimbalom, vocal, brass instruments
František Kubiš – acordeon, vocal, drums
Jakub Stračina – double bass, vocal

• Finalists of the International Jewish Music Festival, Amsterdam, 2017
• Youtube prize on International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam for the best music video clip (Happy – Mazeldik), 2017


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