Nicolas Diop
Composer, performer and radio and TV presenter.

Nicolas Diop aka Nicolas Job is a composer, performer and radio and TV presenter, son of the Senegalese singer Idrissa Diop. He became well known thanks to a TV competition called Oscars des vacances (Holidays‘ Oscars), a very popular Senegalese singing, dancing and performance contest. In 2000, Nicolas met German composer Steven Toteberg and started working as a studio assistant at YES production. This establishment based in Dakar connected him with Senegalese and foreign artists such as Waflash, Dread Maxim, Didier Awadi and many others. His musical passion became finally public with the release of 3 singles including „C’est la vie“ in 2013.

Nicolas is also a radio presenter. His broadcasting career started in Nostalgie radio in 2001. Three years later, he joined Youssou N’Dour‘s Radio Futurs Médias. Apart from a shorter period when he only focused on his own musical projects, he has stayed in the media field, worked for Africa7 Radio (A7R) and, currently, Sud FM.