The Ochepovsky Project, music innovators from the Czech Republic, have just released a new EP Take Care of Me in the end of March 2019. Original band consisting of great international musicians is gently floating among several genres, such as jazz, neo-soul/urban, classical and groove, combining them into the never-heard-before musical experience.

Founder of the project, Igor Ochepovsky, is a multi-genre Russian guitar player and music composer. Having been based in Prague for several years now, he has been concentrating these talented young musicians around himself to fight the prejudice against jazz music.

The merge of different musical and cultural influences along with the eclectic attitude to the creation process results in the original genre that does not resembles of anything you have ever heard before.

Let’s enjoy the new EP Take Care of Me that includes the real seeds as a symbol of the beginning of new life. It represents the shift from the abstract idea of the first EP to the real concept of the second one.



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