Piero Cremaschi
Technical producer, production manager of Folkest Festival.

Was born and grow on August 25th in Santiago, capital of Chile.

Piero Cremaschi is an experimented technical producer and sound engineer with 18 years working on the music industry, developing a various roles in his career like promoter and tour manager of the different Chilean band around the world, production manager and stage manager of important festivals in Chile and Italy.

2000 – 2008 He study sound engineer at Universidad Vicente Pérez Rosales in Chile
2000 He start to work as assistance of production in DG medios Chile

2007 – 2011 He started to work as Production manager and stage manager of the Chilean band Illapu developed national and international tours in South America and Europe.
2011 he started to work as producer of Rock and recycle at Lollapalooza Chile for five years and developed the recycling system of the festival.

2011 – 2015 He started to work as Production manager and stage manager of the Chilean band Inti Illimani developed national and international tours (South America, North America and Europe)

2015 – 2017 He started to work as Stage manager of Lollapalooza Chile, he developed this stage for two years. I had to work together with the crew of the various band like: Die Antwoord, Halsey, Marina and the diamonds, MO, Odesza, Seeed, etc.

2016 He participate at Womex festival in Santiago de Compostela and meet with a lot of promoters of different countries, I take an invitation to participate at Seoul Music week with the Chilean Jazz band Ernesto Holman Trio 2017 and participate on this festival with Jung hum Lee.

2015 – 2019 He start to working as stage manager of the main stage of Primavera Fauna, I had to work together with the crew of the various band like: Morrissey, Empire of the sun, the cardigans, Air, Edward Sharpe, Phonix, Lorde, etc.

2017 – 2019 He start to working as stage manager on main stage of Otoño Fauna

2017 – 2019 he starts to work with Adrea Del Favero in his Festival as Production Manager of Folkest Festival

2018 – 2019 started to work as Stage manager of Main stage of Lollapalooza Chile. I had to work together with the crew of the various band like: Pearl Jam, Red hot Chili Peppers, the killers, Artic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Twenty One Pilots, Greta Van Fleet, etc.

2018 – 2019 I’m was invited to work on small stage in Lollapalooza Berlin.

Ori Winokur is one of the most prominent characters in the Israeli music scene today, playing bass in the Hip Hop – Funk band Coolooloosh, producing gold selling rock albums, engineering top end jazz records and many more.

Ori Winokur was born on June 20th, 1982 in the beautiful village of Ein Karem in Jerusalem, Israel.

At the age of 10 Ori started playing the Alto Saxophone, then at the age of 14 moved to electric guitar and finally to electric bass which became his main instrument for years to come.

1997-2000 Studied at the Jerusalem High School of arts – Music Department and graduated with a full recital on bass guitar, and moved directly to the New School University Jazz and Contemporary Music department in NYC to study one year at the heart of the NYC music scene.

Returning to Israel on 2001 Ori started working as a house engineer at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem, a facility that holds a live club, rehearsal rooms and recording studio… during his 6 years at the submarine he polished his sound engineering techniques and knowledge and had the chance to work as a sound engineer at a few hundreds live shows and numerous recording sessions.

In 2003 Ori and 5 other Jerusalemite musicians established the Funk – Hip Hop – Jazz super group – Coolooloosh, the band soon grew a tremendous reputation and massive amount of fans in Israel, in recent years Coolooloosh toured world wide, recorded a full album with Grammy nominated producer – David Ivory (The Roots , Erikah Badu , Patti Labelle) , collaborated with Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy , Bomb Squad) , recorded and performed with the soul legend Bunny Sigler (Instant Funk , Patti Labelle , The Oj’s) and many more.

In 2006 Ori initiated a special project at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem supporting 3 chosen local bands with weekly rehearsals working with Winokur as a producer for a full year at the end of which they would record a full album at the Yellow Submarine.
It was in the auditions for that project that Ori came across what would become one of the biggest sensations in Israel music scene and later also worldwide – Asaf Avidan & The Mojos.

In the summer of 2006 Asaf Avidan & The Mojos and Ori Winokur convened to record „The Reckoning”, working with a tight budget the whole album was recorded and mixed in 15 days, never the less the album received massive media praise and reached gold status in Israel less then a year after release, being the first Israeli artist that sings in English to sell gold. The Mojos also started to gain international attention, performing in NYC and Europe.
In the winter of 2008 they returned once more to „Haogen“ Studios in Israel to record a second album -„Poor Boy/Luck Man“ which was released in September 2009 in Israel and reached a gold status within 6 months.
In August 2009 Asaf Avidan and the Mojos signed a record deal with Sony/Colombia Records that will release both albums in the coming year throughout Europe. The Mojos are on their path to worldwide success.

In 2008 Winokur produced the debut album for the Jerusalem rock band – Kitzu that was released by Anova records in Israel on 2010 and received high praise in the local music media.

In 2010 Winokur co – produced , recorded and mixed Shlomi Shaban and Keren Ann on their hit duet , covering Bob Dylan’s „Mama , You been on my mind“.
Additional works with Keren Ann – „Thelma and Louise ET chantal“ Soundtrack (Released by Columbia records 2010), and a cover to David Bowie’s „Life On Mars”, for a tribute album untitled „Repetition – A tribute to David Bowie“ to be released by Minimal Vinyl.

In addition Ori worked with numerous jazz artists, including Third World Love , Omer Avital , Avishai Cohen (the trumpet player) and many more.

Today Ori is busy producing a few different artists and touring throughout the globe this summer with Coolooloosh and The Mojos.