folk band POKOŠOVCI

Folk band Pokošovci is an exceptional family band of talented Roma musicians from the village of Šumiac, in the Horehronie region. The band is known for keeping alive a specific traditional interpretation involving fantastic multipart singing and a unique repertoire of local, authentic Roma folk songs. Pokošovci have confirmed on many occasions that they are one of the most favourite traditional Roma bands in Slovakia. Their latest double album “Pokošovci 2” presents the essence of the Slovak Roma music inspired and surrounded by the folk tradition of Horehronie with its multipart singing and reminder of the “good old days” of playing and singing the emotional songs at home, at village feasts, weddings and family celebrations. The choice of the songs was careful and their interpretation is thus exceptionally deeply-felt and authentic. This album ranked at World Music Chart Europe at 15th position in January 2020.



Booking: Miroslav Pokoš: +421 910 139 354