The Ponk Trio’s WOMEX Success

Czech representation at the largest world music fair, WOMEX, is definitely not a given: since 2006, only Tara Fuki and The Clarinet Factory have appeared on its list. And now, the Seven Samurai have officially chosen Ponk, a trio from Brno, to be on their carefully selected list of artists. We can definitely take this as another significant milestone for our music, achieved — with no exaggeration — in the face of huge competition.

Daily concerts taking place amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair, at times highly reminiscent of a shopping centre during holidays, are incredibly time-consuming and hectic for the so-called “womexicans”. For them, every minute counts.
But professionals of such calibre are able to get an understanding of the artist from only two or three songs.That said, it is instructive that the original compositions of Moravian music accompanied by video projection were able to keep them listening.

Also, the trio’s management team and the Czech expedition in general couldn’t be displeased with the team of attendants, even if they wanted to. Among them were directors of several major European festivals, the editor of the magazine Songlines, a leader of the world music section of the Canadian JUNO Awards, the artistic director of the Festival Mundial Montreal and other important people willing to dedicate their valuable time listening to the trio, presented with the tempting addition of Murder Ballads from Slavic Countryside.

Regular WOMEX attendees certainly appreciate the representative participation and success of the Ponk trio concert and Czech music in general.
“Even though it was only the third Czech showcase over the quarter-century-long history of WOMEX, the response was much deeper. And surely, the three previous years of Crossroads contributed significantly to the visibility of Czech world music too.” Petr Dorůžka commented on the success of the Ponk trio, which he himself also ushered onstage with an informative opening commentary.