The trio was formed in Brno in 2013 by Michal Krystýnek – vocals and violin, Eduard Tomaštík – cimbalom, Jakub Nožička – double bass. The Moravian origin of all three members was the initial springboard for their common musical language. Despite the trio’s classical training and later playing in folk groups in the Moravian region, in their music they try to incorporate other diverse styles – such as rock, blues or jazz.

Ponk morphed all these influences into their debut album Postfolklor (2015), in which they worked with original folk songs in a way that goes completely beyond the genre. With acoustic instruments, used most often in Moravian folk music, they created a distinctive musical style incorporating contemporary musical genres. The title Postfolklor clearly defines the original roots of the group and reflects the intent to introduce a wider public to Moravian folk using present-day means.

Ponk caught the attention of both local and foreign media. Postfolklor received many glowing reviews, for two consecutive months it ranked in the TOP 20 World Music Charts Europe, and the compositions were played on the airwaves of Rádio 1, Radio Wave, Proglas, Czech Radio, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Hungary’s BártókRádió and several US stations.


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