Said Tichiti and Chalaban

Chalaban Band was founded in Budapest by the Moroccan musician Said Tichiti in 1999. The band is very dynamic in the world music scene in Central and Eastern Europe. The Band is testing a very original opening of the Moroccan music to the music traditions of Central Europe, Balkan and gypsy styles.

The group’s leader, Said Tichiti is originally from city of Guelmim in the south of Morocco. He finished his High studies on Drama Institute of Rabat. He chose at the beginning of his musical adventure to work on musical styles of his paternal and maternal origins: Gnawa, Ganga, Hassani, and Guedra. This work goes beyond folk vision to create a merger between instruments and melodies of south and north, east and west. The result is that each Chalaban concert / album is full of desert and spirituality caressed by melancholic melodies of Central Europe ending with an air of trance. Chalaban has 5 albums until now: Moroccan Nomad, Moroccan Spring, Al Baraka, Nejdeb and Hashish Freee.


for Hungary +36 304 251 716
for Morocco +212 600 699 313