Tázló band from Budapest performs csángó-Hungarian folk music from Moldava (eastern part of Romania). The ancient atmosphere of the csángó dance rhythms and lyrical songs are fascinating and full of energy. The traditional instruments of this region, the flute and the violin together with the drum and the koboz (a kind of lute) make a unique sounding, completed with the voice of the singer. The members of the band have been collecting, studying and playing Moldavian folk music for the last 20 years. They build up their music using the csángó melodies freely combining with modern musical elements.

Tázló band plays concerts, folk dance workshops (dance houses) in Hungary’s biggest folk music events and abroad.

The band is owner of the Dance-house Guild’s Award as the best dance house band in Hungary.

They have an own dance house club, where folk and world music performers as well as iconic persons of the Hungarian Táncház Movement are regularly invited. Recently they have played together with Muzsikás, Márta Sebestyén, Ferenc Sebő, Cimbaliband, Rackajam, Zuboly and Góbé bands.

>> www.tazlo.hu

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Németh László
+36 203 734 243