Music without borders, which takes place „here and now“. In front of the eyes (or rather ears), listeners are born with new music that uses the colors of various European or non-European instruments, their unusual combinations with live electronics and, last but not least, the human voice.

Tellemarkk was founded in 2000 as a duo by Pavel Hrubý & Tomáš Reindl. As a trio with a great singer and violoncellist Dorota Barová they have been playing together since 2009. The new CD with the unique name TELLEMARKK will take you to the suggestive musical worlds. This is crossover music at the crossroads of world music, jazz, ambient and electronics.

Dorota Barová is the holder of several prestigious Czech Angel prestigious awards in the world music category and in the jazz and blues category.

Pavel Hrubý won in 2008 and 2014 nominations for Czech Angel award for his albums in the category „jazz and blues“.


Tomáš Reindl
Tel: +420 603 811 672

Pavel Hrubý
Tel.: +420 732 530 573