Araceli Tzigane

Araceli Tzigane is a cultural entrepreneur whose path combines the dissemination in specialized media and the work on management and booking, always in the field of world music. She started to work in written media in 2001 and in radio in 2002. Since then, she has always been working on dissemination of music in different media. Since 2007, she directs Mapamundi Música, cultural management agency dedicated to promote, distribute and product world music live shows and to develop cultural and artistic projects, related to the folk music from the people. In 2006 she joined Juan Antonio Vázquez in Mundofonías, radio show that is currently global leader about world music in Spanish language and is broadcasted in 17 countries of Europe and the Americas. She is also founder member of the Transglobal World Music Chart, that produces monthly and annual albums charts and an annual festivals award. Araceli is also a frequent lecturer in festivals and conferences in the fields of world music, resources and skills for musicians‘ careers.