workshops 2018

Special workshops have been designed for musicians of all genres and artistic focus. You will receive valuable advice from respected foreign and domestic experts and experienced producers on how to find your way in the music industry, do’s and don’ts in the recording studio and on stage, what to do to get into the programme of renowned festivals, and why it does not pay to underestimate promotion, networking and presentations including showcases. You can take a look at our Guide, but the best you can do for your career is to attend the workshops – and in the remaining time also panel discussions and showcases. Workshops will be held in Czech (local lecturers) and in English (foreign lecturers).

Interpretation between English and Czech will be provided. Accommodation at favourable prices is also available, but we recommend early booking due to the capacity. You can register for workshops HERE >>>.



10.20–11.20 Czech Music Producers Summit 
Pavel KarlíkJ. P. Muchow (chaired by Petr Ostrouchov)
– What is the role of a producer in the process of music making?
– How does their work impact the overall quality of the recordings?
– Why certain bands cannot get by without a producer?

11.35–12.35 Studying Music Abroad
Žofie KašparováBeata HlavenkováPatricie Fuxová (chaired by Vilém Spilka)
– How to apply for studies abroad?
– What to expect and how it helps your future career?
– Differences between local and foreign schools.

12.45–13.45 How to Work with PA System On a Live Concert
Radek LesaJiří Topol Novotný (chaired by Tomáš Rossi)
– How the sound engineer influences the concert?
– Why bands should take the engineer’s advice?
– How to find a good sound engineer and does quality of the sound system influence the result?

13.45–15.10 Lunch 

15.10–16.10 Talent, marketing or strategy? 
Chris EckmanIvan DuranOskar StrajnDubi LenzBirgit Ellinghaus (chaired by Anna Mašátová and Petr Dorůžka)
– What is most important for an unknown band to start career?

16.30 Showcase

10.00–11.00 Identity, language and roots. Does it make sense to sing in your native tongue?
Ivan DuranHilde BjørkumJulia UlehlaAram Bajakian  (chaired by Anna Mašátová)

11.15–12.30 Foreign Music Producers Summit 
Lucy DuranSimon Emmerson (chaired by Anna Mašátová)
– An attempt to compare the role of a producer here and abroad;
– International production, multicultural projects;
– A musician and producer in one person.

12.45–13.30 How to Jump-Start Your Career without a Manager
Eleanor Dubinsky (chaired by Anna Mašátová)
– What does it take to be a DIY (do it yourself) artist?
– How to come out of your creative shell to network and connect to the music market?
– Using social media;
– Distributing your music to major online stores;
– Exploring music fairs on low budget (SXSW, APAP, etc…).

13.35–14.00 SoundCzech News & ESNS 2019 – Our plans for near future and Czech & Slovak focus at Eurosonic Noordeslag 2019
Márton NárayAnna Mašátová

14.00–15.30 Lunch

15.30–17.00 Speed dating